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Terms and Conditions for Suppliers

Revonet Holding SE, Křížovnická 86/6 Prague 110 00, Czech Republic, VAT: CZ07898401,

email contact: [email protected]

Tel: +420 792 461 012

Web: www.revonet.me

1 Basic provisions

1.1 These Terms and Conditions valid from 08.04.2019 regulate the relationship between the Provider and the Service and Product Provider in the e-shop on the Provider platform and access to Revonet customers and the Affiliates commercial network. Their use is binding for all commercial contacts between the service and product provider, the Provider, the affiliates and the customers.

1.2 By sending a request from the online or e-mail order form to [email protected] for the provision of services or products, the person or company that has done so confirms that these Terms and Conditions for Suppliers of products and services and Terms and Conditions of the User accepts and accepts their wording and accepts it in its entirety.

1.3 The Provider has the right to update the Supplier Terms and Conditions. The currently valid version is always published on the official website of the provider www.revonet.me, hereinafter called the platform.

1.4 For the conclusion of a contract pursuant to these terms, remote means of communication can be used to allow the conclusion of the contract without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties.

1.5 The establishment of an agreed liability relationship is always conditioned by the Provider’s acceptance of the Supplier’s order and written approval.

1.6 Basic terms definitions:

  • Provider – European equity company Revonet Holding SE, with a share capital of 120 000 euros, with a legal headquarters in Kzhovnick 86/6 Prague 110 00, Czech Republic, VAT number: CZ07898401, web: www.revonet.me, E-mail: [email protected].
  • Vendor – an entrepreneur who is a physical or legal entity acting in the course of his or her business or other activity at the time of the conclusion and execution of the contract.
  • Product or service – goods or services offered by the supplier at more favorable prices or conditions.
  • Contract – a contract in which, on the one hand, the provider acts as a landlord and, on the other hand, the supplier as a tenant, and the contract is intended to allow the sale of services and products through the Revonet platform. The contracting parties are aware and agree that the contract is concluded by remote communication (distance contract) and consists of the user order, acceptance of the supplier and these terms and conditions.

2 Party obligations

2.1 Obligations and rights of the supplier

2.1.1 The Supplier is obliged to observe the principles of good conduct both in written and telephone communications with the Provider, Affiliates and Users. Further obligations and rights of the Supplier are specified in the Users’ Terms and Conditions.

3 Provider obligations and rights

3.1 The Provider has the right to interrupt the operation of the server for a short period of time, in particular in order to maintain and modify the equipment.

4 Final provisions

4.1 These conditions are valid and effective from 10.04.2019.

Note: In case of any differences between the English and Czech language versions of this contract, the Czech version shall prevail.

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