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Terms and Conditions of services for DIY crowdfunding

  1. the Fundraiser must register an Account;
  2. the Fundraiser must accept the Crowdfunding Service Agreement;
  3. the Fundraiser must be of legal age and can register as a natural person, company or association. The Fundraiser must ensure that the author of the registration is an individual over the age of 18 and that he is entitled to all the necessary powers and the ability to act.
  4. The Fundraiser is aware that Revonet keeps the data in accordance with applicable regulations, the user must keep the secrecy of the credentials of his Account as well as a copy of all the material and the project uploaded to the platform.
  5. the Fundraiser exempts Revonet from any liability in this regard (for violation of credentials, unauthorized access, unauthorized extraction of data and information, alteration of data or information, obscuring of web pages, etc.). In any case, Revonet is authorized to keep the browsing logs in accordance with its current Privacy Policy and to suspend the account in case of abuse of the pages.
  6. the Fundraiser is responsible for the use of the personal and sensitive data of its supporters/depositors which it will come into possession of. During its campaign, the Fundraiser will have access to and will come into possession of information such as Name, Surname, address, email address of each supporter/depositor. By accepting this Service Agreement, you release Revonet from any violation, or improper use, of such data and information, or where they are used for extraneous and/or illegal purposes with respect to the “Terms of use” and the “Terms and Conditions of the contract between Supporter and Fundraiser ”, assuming full civil and criminal liability deriving from illicit and improper use of this information.
  7. the Fundraiser guarantees the veracity and feasibility of the project and possession of the necessary rights for the proposed ideas, images and other materials used in its project sheet.
  8. the Fundraiser declares that the Project is its property and that it does not constitute an act of unfair competition against third parties.
  9. the Fundraiser undertakes not to publish data, news, or information in any way capable of illegitimately infringing the rights or interests of third parties.
  10. Revonet reserves the right not to accept projects deemed unsuitable, to refuse the publication of the Campaign or to suspend it at any time and without notice in any case where services and products offered by the fundraiser are not compatible with the reputation, ethics and l image of Revonet.
  11. Revonet does not accept the publication, in any way, of projects listed below:
    • weapons of all kinds
    • drugs
    • narcotic substances
    • tobaccos and cigarettes
    • gambling and/or betting
    • pornography understood in products and/or services
    • products or services to violate the law
    • products or services subject to administrative licenses or authorizations of any kind
    • dangerous products
    • stocks, bonds, currencies, financial instruments or securities of any kind
  12. Fundraising methods for accepted projects
    • Keep it all (collect all) is a mode that adapts to any type of campaign and provides a reward. This method provides for the definition of the Budget, the deadline (maximum period allowed 365 days see subscription) and the reward (at least 1). The fundraising, in this case, has no obligation to reach the Budget. the funds you collect are immediately available.
    • All or nothing is the way in which reaching the set Budget is fundamental. This method provides for the definition of the Budget, the deadline (maximum period allowed 365 days see subscription) and the reward (at least 1). The funds raised will be available only and exclusively if you reach or exceed the set budget.
    • Donation (simple donation) is a modality that is suitable for social or personal fundraising projects. This mode does not provide for a budget or even a reward, the deadline is set (maximum period allowed 365 days see subscription).
    • Recurrent (recurring) is a modality that is perfectly suited to projects that need fundraising on a periodic and continuous basis. The project does not have a deadline, does not have a budget and it is possible to insert a reward. Each supporter who signs up automatically renews every 30 days.
  13. The collection methods can take place only and exclusively through institutes and methods selected by Revonet. Revonet is not responsible for the transaction costs from the payment system operators, nor for the costs of any currency exchange.
  14. Revonet applies costs for the use of the platform, in addition to the annual subscription, the 2% that is applied to each transaction.
  15. The Fundraiser can access Affiliate Partners, their personalized Social Media Marketing tools, by negotiating a commission on the referrals generated which will be automatically managed by the platform.
  16. For all the projects proposed in the envisaged modalities of the platform, the Fundraiser must fulfill all tax and legal obligations. It is his responsibility to communicate to his accountant the tax relevance of the donations collected and checks.
    Any accounting, tax and administrative fulfillment relating to the subscriptions received is the exclusive responsibility and responsibility of Fundraiser, which therefore will promptly provide for invoicing, declarations, certifications and anything else required by current legislation.
  17. In order to allow fundraising, in some cases, documentation for anti-money laundering verification will be required as per current regulations.
    • Physical person valid identity documents in color (identity card or passport), an official document of your bank with logo and C / C header.
    • Legal person updated Chamber of Commerce registration, description of the company activity, the company’s latest articles of association with the minutes of the administrative body, valid identity documents of the Sole Director or delegated member documents invalid choir with more than 25% of the company shares, official bank document with logo and c / c header.
    • Associations or Bodies copy of the articles of association, tax code of the organization if in possession, description of the activity, the company’s last statute with the minutes of the administrative body, proof of identity (as required for the Natural Person) of the whole body administrative, official bank document with logo and c / c header.
  18. The Revonet platform can undergo graphic changes; Revonet reserves the right to modify, without notice, the layout, graphics, dimensions, colors of the Site and of the pages in which the Project is presented. It also reserves the right to freely insert, add, modify and manage the spaces of these pages with any content it deems appropriate.
  19. Revonet undertakes to insert the Project on its website in conditions of equal treatment with the other projects on equal terms.
  20. The Fundraiser authorizes Revonet to use (not exclusively) the images and material published on its pages, also grants Revonet a free license without any time limit to use its logo irrevocably, its contents and each page of the Project, including images and videos. This license may be used by Revonet for promotional, educational, analysis by external partners, collaborators, communication agencies, market investigation agency, statistics, at the sole discretion of Revonet. If the is not the legitimate owner of the rights mentioned, the Fundraiser must obtain the transfer of the licenses in favor of Revonet as provided in this paragraph.
  21. The contract between Fundraiser and Revonet is signed online or by email and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Czech Republic. The Parties agree that any dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of this contract and all the services associated with it will be subject to Czech Jurisprudence
  22. The fundraiser who requests to join a Network (and is accepted) and transfers, anonymously, the statistical data of his project in favor of the Network.


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