Crowdfunding on Revonet how does it work?

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a tool that allows natural or legal persons to start an online fundraising campaign aimed at financing their project or idea through micro-financing generated by a crowd.

Crowdfunding is basically “crowd funding”( where ‘crowd‘ means people and ‘funding‘ means financing) or also called “collective financing”.

European Council (2014):

«crowdfunding is generally a public invitation to raise funds for a specific project».


Crowdfunding on revonet.me

Revonet is the first European platform that provides the tools to create a DIY Crowdfunding campaign (do-it-yourself).

Through an annual subscription, you will have access to a mini-website, customized landing pages, blogs and webinars according to the type of subscription you want to buy.

Revonet is open to all projects but operates selective inlet filters. A crucial element is the presentation of a professional Business Plan that convinces the internal commission on the goodness of the use of the money collected from the campaign.

Afterward, anyone can upload their idea and go online.


Projects on revonet.me

Uploading a crowdfunding project means involving people who independently decide to support it. The nature or purpose of the project is not important, but it is important to tell your idea, your story by sharing it with our and your community.


What information do you need to send us to create your campaign?

In order to approve and create your campaign page as quickly as possible, our team needs to receive the correct information. Prepare the documents as described below and send a compressed .zip file to the email address
specifying the campaign name in the subject of the message.

1- Campaign data

a single .doc file containing the following sections:

Campaign name

Campaign goal
(value in euros, if any)

Campaign duration
(in days, if any)

Min-max donation
(value in euros)

Name of fundraiser
(company name or full name)

A brief introduction to the campaign
(1 or 2 paragraphs of introductory text)

Full description
(containing all campaign information, reward details, etc…)

If there will be images inserted in the text, please provide the images embedded in the doc file, so that our designers know where to use which image.

Frequently asked questions
(if any)


2- Terms and conditions

A single doc file containing all legal information, agreements, guarantees, and options


3- Multimedia content

(if present, this can be an image of 240x160px)

A link to a Youtube/Vimeo video for the campaign or, if you do not have a video, the main image representing the campaign (must be 760x430px)

All images included in the .doc file must also be provided in original, in JPG format (maximum width 1000 px)

1x image for social sharing
(JPG format, measures 1200x628px)

All text and images must be formatted correctly and provided in a single zip file. We will not fix, change, format, or modify the text provided in any way, including merging multiple files, deleting data, or creating missing sections from the above specifications.


Types of projects:

  • Keep it all (collect all) is a model that adapts to any type of campaign and provides a reward. This method provides for the definition of the Budget, the deadline (maximum period allowed 365 days see subscription) and the reward (at least 1). The fundraising, in this case, has no obligation to reach the Budget. the funds you collect are immediately available.
  • All or nothing is the way in which reaching the set Budget is fundamental. This method provides for the definition of the Budget, the deadline (maximum period allowed 365 days see subscription) and the reward (at least 1). The funds raised will be available only and exclusively if you reach or exceed the set budget.
  • Donation (simple donation) is a modality that is suitable for social or personal fundraising projects. This mode does not provide for a budget or even a reward, the deadline is set (maximum period allowed 365 days see subscription).
  • Recurrent (recurring donation) is a model that fits perfectly with projects that need fundraising on a regular and ongoing basis. The project does not have a deadline, does not have a budget and it is possible to insert a reward. Each supporter who signs up automatically renews every 30 days.


Project sustaining donors

The supporters and/or donors of the project are those who allow the growth or the realization of the project itself and actively participate in a “community” of a new economy, in a shared, active and disintermediated way.

The supporter or donor who needs a receipt must write to the designer (who has no release obligation).

Revonet releases an annual pdf receipt (see User Account – History of donations) and detailed donation history.


Campaign management and promotion

the success of a crowdfunding campaign is given by convincing your supporter/donor that it is worth believing in your idea, in yourself.

Among all the project operations that work for a crowdfunding campaign, the moment of management is crucial for it to be effective.

So one cannot hope that everything works by itself. The moment of online publication of the project is the beginning of a journey together aimed at a congregation of people called supporters.


Useful tips for promotion and management:

  1. Planning: Clarity in planning is a key element and the questions you need to ask yourself are the following:
    • Are you clear what you need the Budget you ask for?
    • Have you made a plan for the use of the resources collected?
    • Do you have a clear profile of the supporter you want to approach?
  2. Put your faceon it : Asking people to participate economically in your project is not easy, but it is important that people see and know who will manage the project they support. Use your image and if you can, make an illustrative video, and make yourself available to the various explanatory questions. The use of digital channels is extremely profitable and Social Media Marketing is the lever to be used to build a successful campaign.
  3. Data: Monitor, understand, and adjust. The campaign must be constantly monitored and based on the channels used there are many tools to monitor the actions you have taken. Revonet provides tracking tools to understand the actions done well and those less.
  4. Communication: During the campaign you make yourself the protagonist and thank every single supporter, small or large, and use the tools that Revonet provides you to communicate with them. Communication is a fundamental element of project success. Communication should be planned with an editorial calendar from social posts to sending communications to responses to investors or even just the curious, they cannot be left to chance.
  5. Campaign Post: This often forgettable phase is very important. Don’t forget to tell us about the path taken together during the campaign and maybe make a thank you video. Always make your donor / supporter feel an integral part of an important path that has given you the opportunity to carry out your project.

Deposit systems and costs

On Revonet it is possible to raise funds only by bank transfer.

The costs for using the platform, in addition to the annual subscription, are 2% which is applied on each transaction.


Dedicated Affiliate Team

Improve your conversion with the help of our team of affiliate partners: we are happy to support you with customized tools and with exclusive access to our content and creativity.

Affiliate program: in the Revonet community there is a category of users who turn their SMM (Social Media Marketing) content into money.

You will be free to decide to generate Profitable Commissions as a percentage of the deposits that come from their referrals.

The affiliate partner monetizes its content with a 100% ROI. You pay only after converting the referral.

Our network of Affiliate Partners today boasts more than 600 people and many of them have already contributed to supporting active campaigns on Revonet.

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