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Affiliate’s Terms and Conditions

Affiliate’s Terms and Conditions
Revonet Holding SE, Křížovnická 86/6 Prague 110 00, Czech Republic, VAT: CZ07898401,
email contact: [email protected]
Tel: +420 792 461 012
Web: www.revonet.me

1.Introductory provisions

1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern the rights and obligations of the Affiliate in the Provider’s commission system.

1.2. By registering, the Affiliate expresses his / her consent to these Terms and Conditions and agrees to follow them.

1.3. In matters not governed by these Terms and Conditions, the relations between the Affiliate and the Provider are governed by applicable legal regulations, in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code.

2. Definition of terms

The commission system – is a remuneration system for the sale of goods and services on the www.revonet.me portal or the Provider’s activities as an Affiliate.

The methods of sales promotion – are marketing, advertising and other similar activities of the Affiliate through which the Affiliate promotes the Provider’s portal and the Supplier’s goods or services.

Promotion methods shall include in particular:

  1. – placing advertising content (especially banners) on the Affiliate website;
  2. – bringing a reference to suppliers goods and services through blogs, discussion forums or articles (provided that the blogs or forums allow the activity);
  3. – distributing e-mails informing about suppliers of goods or services to persons who have given their consent to this form of marketing in accordance with the law;
  4. – a link to the Suppliers goods or service through social networks;
  5. – face-to-face with client;
  6. – through a network of clients and co-workers

Provider – Provider of commission system is European Joint Stock Company Revonet Holding SE with a registered capital of € 120,000, headquartered at Křížovnická 86/6 Prague 110 00, Czech Republic, ID 07898401 e-mail: [email protected]

Visitor: a person who visits the Provider’s website on the basis of activities developed by the Affiliate within the permitted promotion methods.

User: a person who visits the Provider’s website on the basis of activities developed by the Affiliate within the permitted promotion methods and registers with the User Account.

Client: a person who visits the Provider’s website on the basis of activities developed by the Affiliate within the permitted promotion methods and purchases goods, services or uses services for free.

Affiliate : a natural person over the age of 18 or a legal entity participating in the Provider’s affiliate commission system based on registration.

Affiliate Office – Affiliate Account maintained by the Provider at www.revonet.me, to which Affiliate has online access. The account records data related to the number of visitors, orders, commissions, the structure of co-workers/partners and their contacts and results, marketing materials, charts, etc.

User Account – user account where the user registered for free.

Website – Provider’s website located at www.revonet.me.

Supplier – Reseller of services and products on the provider’s portal.

Portal – Provider’s shopping platform of the website www.revonet.me where the e-shop with services and products of the Suppliers, the user account and the Affiliate office are located.

3. Participation in the commission system

3.1 Participation in the commission system arises by registration to the commission system via the Affiliate Registration online at www.revonet.me and paying the annual fee of the Affiliate Office from the e-shop. As part of the affiliation system, the Affiliate promotes and sells the Provider’s services or products using promotion methods.

3.2. The Affiliate is fully liable for any damage caused by his / her conduct in violation of these terms and conditions and / or the laws of the Czech Republic to the Provider, other users of the Provider’s website or third parties.

3.3. The Affiliate is responsible to the Provider for the correctness and completeness of the data stated during the registration. In the event of changes in the data, the Affiliate is obliged to inform the Provider of this fact without delay. The Provider is not liable for damages incurred by the Affiliate due to failure to notify changes in the data.

4. Rent of Affiliate Office.

4.1 The Affiliate is entitles to Affiliate Office by payment of annual fee and is entitled to continue in the Provider’s commission system.
The annual rent is 27 € without VAT, plus fee for payment. The annual rent may be increased without the prior consent of the Affiliate due to the higher maintenance costs of the Provider’s portal and other reasons that he is not obliged to disclose to the Affiliate. In case of delay in payment, to the Affiliate will be denied access to the Affiliate Office.

5. By renting Affiliate office the Affiliate gets access to:

  1. – Commission system.
  2. – Referral line and 120 days of cookies (if someone clicks through your link to the provider’s site and registers or purchases within 120 days, the commission will be credited to you and commissions from that client will belong to you for future purchases).
  3. – Access to marketing and organizational resources.
  4. – To statistics.
  5. – Marketing materials.

6. Rights and obligations of the Affiliate

6.1 The Affiliate is obliged to ensure that his / her activities do not harm or jeopardize the reputation of the Provider or the Supplier of goods and services.

6.2 The Affiliate may not promote the Supplier’s goods or services on the Provider’s portal in a manner that would violate the laws of the Czech Republic and the Code of Ethics / Good Manners.

6.3 The Affiliate is entitled to use all text and image materials that are the result of the Provider’s or Supplier’s creative activity or which are provided to the Affiliate for this purpose or made available in the Affiliate Office for promotion. The Affiliate is not entitled to use any other material without the Provider’s prior consent.

6.4. When promoting products and services the Affiliate is obliged to present the actual features of these products and services. The Affiliate is required to refrain from any implicit or explicit statements about products or services in the presentation of products and services.

6.5. The Affiliate undertakes not to promote the Provider and suppliers products and services by sending messages (by e-mail, SMS, in discussion forums) that are qualified as SPAM. If the Provider identifies this activity of the Affiliate, the Provider has the right to withdraw from the cooperation and close the Affiliate Office of the Affiliate. At the same time, the Affiliate’s right to unpaid commissions expires.

6.6. Banners, texts and videos are protected by the copyright. Content may not be altered, copied, reproduced, distributed or used by the Affiliate by any third party for any other purpose without the written consent of the Provider or any other copyright holder.

The Affiliate has the right and the ability to build a network of clients and co-workers (their downline Affiliate) in order to obtain commission difference according to the commission system from the sale of services and products by their co-workers.

6.8. The Affiliate will take care of clients with the identification of their needs, wishes, etc. The Affiliate will perform all these activities in such a way as to protect and promote the Provider’s interests as much as possible.

6.9. The Affiliate acknowledges that this cooperation has a non-exclusive character, the Provider does not grant the Affiliate any exclusive right in respect of a particular territory, circle of persons, goods or services provided by the Supplier for the performance of its activities under this terms and conditions.

The Affiliate is free to decide what products and services to promote.

6.11. The Affiliate is obliged to provide the Provider with an extract from the Criminal Register no later than 3 months by sending a copy to [email protected] no later than 30 working days after the Affiliate Office is activated.

7. Provider’s rights and obligations

7.1 The Provider is entitled to change or update the Terms and Conditions at any time. The current valid version of the Terms and Conditions is always published on the Provider’s website www.revonet.me.

8. Commission fee

8.1. The commission fees are stated in the commission plan at Affiliate office. Commissions will always be approved by the Provider immediately after the expiration of the period during which the Provider’s legal regulations or business conditions allow the Client to withdraw from the contract.

8.2. The Affiliate will be notified of the commission approval through his commission account. Commissions will be approved from those clients where the goods or services have been properly and fully repaid. The Affiliate is not entitled to a commission for canceled or canceled orders.

9. Commission payment

9.1. The Affiliate is entitled to a commission payment according to a valid commission plan. The Affiliate will apply for a commission payment through their commission account. The Affiliate’s commission is updated daily in the Affiliate Office. The Affiliate’s commission is paid on the basis of an invoice or receipt. The amount of the total commission required by the Affiliate to be paid must correspond to the information given on the commission account at the date on which the Affiliate requests its payment.

10. Duration of cooperation and its extinction

10.1 The co-operation is concluded for an indefinite period, renewed every year after payment of the annual fee of the Affiliate Office.

10.2.Cooperation ceases:

  1. – By not paying the Affiliate’s office annual fee.
  2. – Agreement between Provider and Affiliate.
  3. – Termination by the Provider or Affiliate. The notice must be given in writing or by e-mail and delivered to the other party, even without giving reasons. The cooperation expires on the date of delivery of the notice of termination to the other party and deactivation of the Affiliate Office.
  4. – By withdrawing from cooperation by the Provider. The Provider is entitled to withdraw from the co-operation if it is proven that the Affiliate is proceeding in violation of these Terms and Conditions, legal regulations or good manners. The notice of withdrawal must be made in writing or by e-mail and delivered to the Affiliate stating the reason for the withdrawal. The collaboration then ends on the day of delivery of the withdrawal notice to the Affiliate. By withdrawing from the Provider’s collaboration, the Affiliate is no longer entitled to commissions that have not yet been paid.

10.3 In the event that the Provider has suffered damage as a result of a breach of these terms and conditions or legal regulations, the Affiliate is obliged to replace it in full (the amount of the damage is not reduced by unpaid commissions). The termination of cooperation does not affect any claims for damages.

10.4 In the event of termination of cooperation on the basis of an agreement or notice, the Affiliate is entitled to request the payment of commissions to the Provider, to which the entitlement arose as of the date of termination of cooperation. Commissions will be paid to the Partner within 14 days from the date of receipt of the invoice.

11. Privacy Policy

11.1. The Affiliate grants the Provider consent to the processing of his / her personal data contained in this Agreement or communicated to the Company at any time, incl. of birth number within the meaning of General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC ( hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”) for the duration of this contract and for 48 months from the date of its termination.

11.2. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the Affiliate also agrees to the privacy policy of Revo-net.com (privacy policy), which he / she was able to acquaint himself with in detail, and that he / she will also be in the position of administrator to other users of Revo-net.com.

12. Other arrangements

12.1 In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid for any reason, this does not invalidate or invalidate other parts of the Terms.
12.2 For any communication with the Provider, the User is obliged to use the contact email: [email protected]
12.3 These Terms are available at www.revonet.me.
12.4. These Terms are valid and effective on April 6, 2019.

Note: In case of any differences between the English and Czech language versions of this contract, the Czech version shall prevail.

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